• Mild Touch Lip&Eye Remover
  • Mild Touch Lip&Eye Remover
  • Mild Touch Lip&Eye Remover

Mild Touch Lip&Eye Remover

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“No irritation, Comfort&Mild"

    An oil based makeup remover designed with a phytocontained in formula that's great for sensitive skin or contact lens wearers. The oily phase uses glycine soja oil to lift makeup while the water phase uses emollients to leave skin feeling cleansed. It removes all eye makeup including waterproof.

      Phyto Oil& Phyto Water 2 layer Cleansing.
      With 100% vegan formula, helps in healthy skin care without irritation.

      WHAT IT IS: An oil based makeup remover that instantly and effortlessly removes waterproof makeup without irritation or a greasy feel.
      USE IT: As the first step in your cleansing regimen
      GOOD FOR: All skin types


      Glycine Soja Oil: Soothes and conditions lashes and lips.
      Olive derived squalene: Locks in moisture resulting in hydrated skin

      HOW TO USE

      1. Before each use, shake the bottle to activate the makeup removing formula and mix the two phases.
      2. Saturate a cotton round with the gentle makeup remover and hold over closed eyes to moisten and soften makeup.
      3. Gently swipe to remove.
      4. Repeat until all eye makeup has been cleansed away.

      • Cruelty Free
      • Gluten Free
      • High Efficient
      • Sustainable Packaging
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